Giving authority, and power is a gift.  When I receive this, I am excited and energized.  I have also come to realize I am often worried that I will mess things up!

My day began with a sharp and vivid door ringing in a dream.  As I jumped out of bed, I realized the house was naturally silent.  There were no sounds of traffic outside.  The mobiles and iPads were silent.  The hallways were still, with the only change coming from the lights automatically responding to my movement.

I initially thought of going back to bed.  In considering the option I found myself holding an invitation.  What if I gave myself permission to just be still?  I could listen, observe, and take note of whatever.  Success in this exercise was stillness and observation.  Notes were optional, something in a catalog I could examine later if I fancied.

Being empowered was different that my normal morning routine.  No meditation required, just stillness.  Even the rigor of contemplation was optional because I was being given the authority to be still but if I did not achieve it, there would be no sense of loss or failure.

Looking back, I need to give myself this authority more often!

In the hour which followed, I sipped a hot drink and just observed.

The slow emergence of a car or two on the road became a living metaphor for the way I often transition from sleep to engaging in the day.

The deep colors on the horizon hinted and then confirmed the sun had arrived for a new day.  The beauty and awe were accentuated by the stillness and quietness in the room.  Without any visible movement, the darkness was displaced by gentle oranges and yellow which gave way without a struggle to an intense gold.

In my empowerment, I gave myself permission to see, hear, and experience Divinity at work.  I recalled a promise – “God’s your Guardian, right at your side to protect you.” (Psalm 121.5) My empowerment opened myself up to hearing and experiencing what was already there.

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