“God! God! I am running to you for dear life” Psalm 7.1

In every life, there are moments of clarity where the past and future appear clear, questions vanquished, and peace ever present. Then there are most days. Yesterday qualified as one of those days. Today is even more so!

I am sure you know the day – far to many things to do, a creeping headache that will not go away, people pushing their envelopes at you, and of course the failures to communicate. The only question is not if, and when, these days will happen but how do I react when they land at my feet? read more

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“My requests have all been granted, my prayers are answered.” Psalm 6.9

At 4 p.m., my body said enough! Enough of the conversations, negotiations, shared dialogue, diagrams, and thinking! Every cell screamed, “mercy please!”

A quick walk before dinner changed everything. The tropical ocean breezes and small town sounds came as nurturing soul food. Something about coming home always comes to mind. To complete the circle the air conditioner went silent with windows opened to the world of old. read more

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One of Those Days

“Please God, no more yelling, no more trips to the woodshed.” Psalm 6.1

I can’t really imagine the physical sight of God yelling at me much less having a woodshed experience when Him. I am not sure what specifically blocks my imagination, evidence of God’s overwhelming grace, physical size and presence of God, or the potential power of the pain inflicted on my backside. Perhaps it is the combination.

However, there are days when my mind, body, and soul believe we have spent our time in the virtual woodshed! The mind aches from the outside in. Eyes are looking for any cool and dark place to rest. Bones ache in ways that no amount of stretching, resting, or movement will ever solve. Room temperatures are always too cold or hot, never soothing. read more

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“You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers, for decking us out in delight.” Psalm 5.11

Yesterday I saw a bit of heaven. No the scene was not pretty, and there were lots of tears and pain. What I saw was the most amazing mix of people come together and celebrating God. Actually, it was the second day in a row now that I think of it!

Saturday I saw an old English lady with too much dressing flanked by a young English girl with a button nose and a young Filipino girl with stunning features leading worship for a congregation representing the UN. The songs began as funeral songs often do – slow and without much form to remember. Before it was over a sax had joined in, then a full acoustic set of drums and they were trying to put life into it. read more

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Party Time!

“Let the party last all night!” Psalm 5.11

Before you even begin to start let me the facts on the table!

I stayed home all night. Yes, my sleep didn’t start until early morning. I slept too much in the afternoon, watched a movie and read a book, two of them actually. Yes I also know I am rambling and sounding defensive. You see He invited me to a party, two of them actually.

David’s psalm is the reaction after people run for cover by running to God. The best party I know if when people who run to God get together and celebrate. God sends party invitations out each week under some funny names. People often just call the invitations church. read more

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His Word

“And here I am, your invited guest – it’s incredible!” Psalm 5.7

Last week I sat, along with many others, listened to an invitation to hear God’s voice. There were lots of stories and examples, some interesting others not. I confess that I agree with my speaker’s conclusion that the best source for hearing God’s word is the Bible. I do not question this, but how personal is this invitation?

Maybe the quest to know who God is, to hear God specifically, is not destined to be personal. I however have this dream where a personal God interested in me. read more

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“At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep, for you, God, have put my life back together.” Psalm 4.8

After three semi-sleepless nights filled with cold sweats and bones that ache, my body is ready for a sound sleep. After four semi-sleepless nights wondering if I will fully commit my heart to God, my soul is ready for a sound sleep.

After a bit of food and a hot mineral salt and oil bath, I paused to end the day reflecting with God;

Letting God speak to me through His word. Listening for His voice in worship songs. Making sure I check my emails for any loose family questions or notes of love. Everything part of the evening routine to say goodnight to those I love. read more

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“When I call, give me answers. God, take my side!” Psalm 4.1

Many corporations have a new word to describe when you are ready to make a change, when you formally go from one to position to a more senior position. The new word that describes the changes is a “turn.”

I find each day is a “turn” decision with God. Am I turning, or am I not going to grow more, in the Spirit? As I face this decision each day, actually several times during the day, the question becomes increasingly critical and central. read more

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Real Results

“Real help comes from God, Your blessing clothes your people!” Psalm 3.8

Real results come from the right focus, the right attention, and the right source of power. This statement could come from any coach, manager, motivator, or parent. This theme pulsated through the aching ear and head yesterday.

What is the right focus? What is the best place to put my attention? Where can I tap the right source of power?

Having a big dose of Type-A personality with a real sense of the goal and what it takes to get across I’ve always known the right focus. Ball through the post and in the net, anything less is a failure. I know now that this is the wrong focus. This focus will brings a sense of fulfillment which never seems to last. read more

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“God! Look! Enemies past counting!” Psalm 3.1

Last night I did not know if I was going to make it. All the signs were there – left earache, ringing, light head, and cold sweats. Enemies every where I looked! I have just come off a long cycle of antibiotics and one would think that they would have attacked the infection. Four days later and the symptoms are back stronger than ever!

My support structure quickly kicked in. First, a call to my Doctor in New Jersey, second, a quick call to my private nurse to make sure I followed the right steps. The final step consisted of buckets of water, in and on me. read more

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