Small Stuff

In my frequent rides on a motorcycle, I am struck by how many details you cannot avoid.  There are the obvious things that few in a car think about.  The nature, quality, and nuances of the wind.  There is a difference in the wind that to the one who has not experienced it can be confusing; dry, humid, hot, cooler, moist, and jumbled uncertainty.  The mood of traffic in general and those around you specifically.  On most days, I do not notice it.  However, there is an interesting relationship between lots of uncertainty in the new locally and the tension expressed by how traffic is behaving.

As I release myself into the experience of the moment, I find that I continually discover a new range of emotions with small events.  The kindness of a barista in passing a message to me through a paper cup of coffee leaves me infused with hope.  The politeness of individuals waiting with me for an elevator gifts me with a renewed appreciation for community.  Even the struggle to get something accomplished when others are challenging any step forward can be a way of preparing for the more serious battles that we frequently face.

As I think of the collective statement of others responding to love, compassion, and empathy, I begin to see the shared impact of Divinity touching each in a unique way.  What unfolds is our choice.  What inspires, invites, and instructs is often the small stuff I forget to notice and appreciate.  When I do, “I shiver in awe before you [Divinity]; your decisions leave me speechless with reverence.” (Psalm 119.120)

I have no idea what is going to unfold today.  I do know that I want to pay attention to the details!  Yesterday it was the little things that reminded me of the big things that I was ignoring.  In the kindness of others, I rediscovered hope, felt grace’s embrace, and realised my load was lighter.

To the unsung heroes in my life, thank-you!  Your inspiration has given me the energy and inspiration for my opportunities.

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