As I begin each day, I have a fresh coffee embraced with the stillness found in a house not yet awake.  My vision looks out on man crafted green nature increasingly lit by a peaking sun coming through the silhouetted buildings on the horizon.  There is very little traffic to be seen.  Any activity serves as a reminder that we are never totally at rest.

My heart has a habit of revisiting several core decisions which frame out my life.  Central to these is my view on my supremacy versus a faith in the reality of a greater power. In the simplicity of the morning, the question is quite simple.  Experience and intuition remind me of the complexities and unanswered questions behind the question as well as my answer, however the choice seems refreshingly simple each morning.  Do I believe in a supreme being or am I and others like me at the top of the food chain?

In answering the question each morning, I remember the testimony of individuals I deeply respect which have answered the question differently than my words today.  While I do not fully understand why or how they can say what they say, I respect their right of choice.  I will continue to be in dialogue with each, if only to better understand my own view.

In today’s sunrise, my answer repeated itself.  “My strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.” (Psalm 121.2) I am reminded that the way God manifests her identity to others is endlessly varied.  The lines which seemed simple as a child now blur in the challenges of living, experience, and dialogue.  I have been taught by God’s children using different techniques and ways of connecting to my heart.  The individuals have come from different faith systems as well as those not formally connected to any.

To each, thank-you for a touch by Divinity.  Your willingness to lift me up, to share our burdens and challenges, continues to make me a better person.  My prayer is with our journey.  Together, we see more.

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