In every moment
is a Whisper.
Welcome to one
man’s quest
to listen

Hi, my name is Bill. I love stories!

Hearing and sharing stories are a big part of living and growing. I hope my stories will help you discover and hear more of your own stories. Feel free to share and be part of the quest to discover and hear the Whispers in the moments we have.

Latest Thoughts

Street Wisdom

Street dogs are street-smart.  I grew up thinking the dog’s wisdom came from the perils of living in an environment where nobody cares or looks out for you.  When I came across a wall graphic on the street, Life Whispers suggested a different perspective.  Specifically, in addition to the time-infused experience, perhaps I could consider what they focus on, ignore, and accept. I let...


Sunsets are my natural time of reflection.  There is something that draws me into the act of saying goodbye and relaxing.  Preparing myself for the next day to come. As I slowed down to pay respects to the day and its farewell, I found myself considering the many blessings the day had brought.  I was able to get out an exercise.  There was a time...


On a cold wet windy night, I was walking through east London looking for a place to eat.  In the quietness which comes as one walks alone, I longed for more than food.  I wanted comfort.  I longed to belong, food and conversation where I could just be. A sign captured everything I was looking for.  Although Persian influences move across several food cultures, there...

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Every morning, an air plant greets me when I walk into the living room.  The sight and experience of seeing it thrive is a reminder of how it is realising its potential.  This plant is an example of being what it is.  Without the surroundings other plants require, this plant thrives.  I may not fully understand why.  I do know that when I look openly, without...

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In a round table session where I gave feedback to new founders, one pitch stood out.  The founder proposition addresses the problem of declining populations in an increasing number of Japanese towns.  As I listened, I replayed a memory reel of the small Japanese towns I have traveled through.  In each scene are the visual food displays by local restaurants.  Given the overall high...


I love choices.  Food, fashion, and fun!  Each comes with options, alternatives, and the freedom to choose what is best for those involved.  In a recent Italian restaurant, my choice of pizza options, food accessories as I think in a bigger context, was sloppy.  In short, I thought I knew what I was doing.  As my order arrived, I looked and knew something was wrong!   “What...


The last two decades have seen me live in struggles where my view of Divinity is in the minority, or so I tell myself.  As my five-year anniversary in the Emirates approaches, I find myself reflecting on belief diversity.  Two local examples are the Grand Mosque and the recent Abrahamic Family House. While the Grand Mosque is visually very traditional, the diversity and...

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Just Show Up

New York’s blizzard of ’06 brought 30 inches (75 cm) of snow to the City.  I was living in New York’s Lower East Side.  Transportation was impossible, but you could walk. Given it was Saturday night, I headed up to one of my favourite live music venues hoping someone, anyone, would play. The headliners were stuck somewhere in the snow.  A New York City...


For reasons I am not aware of, I woke up thinking of my 2nd art piece and its rightful owners.  As soon as it was finished, I knew who needed to have it.   The sculpture was a flexible composition.  At the core was a rail spike I had found on a walk along an abandoned rail line in Maryland’s hills.  Immediately, I was certain I...

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