In every moment
is a Whisper.
Welcome to one
man’s quest
to listen

Hi, my name is Bill. I love stories!

Hearing and sharing stories are a big part of living and growing. I hope my stories will help you discover and hear more of your own stories. Feel free to share and be part of the quest to discover and hear the Whispers in the moments we have.

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Latest Thoughts


It was the semi-final round for five growth-stage companies.  I walked into the room to the watchful eyes of the founders.  Each, in her and his own way, wanted to understand how we, the three judges, would evaluate their pitch and company proposition.  I could feel how much they wanted to be heard.  I could sense varying degrees of nervousness and uncertainty.  In hindsight, some were...

On Point

In the silence of a dusty morning, in my mind, I could hear the cathedral’s organ.  I listened, and nothing else mattered.  Whatever activity was going on diminished to the point that I could not discern their action.  The sound and majesty echoing and soaring, lifting me up.  It filled my heart with awe.  I felt taken by the music and carried from one note to...

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Starting Point

I walked through the sub-basement parking, confident that my shortcut would help me avoid ten minutes out in the hot sun.  The cars below ground reflected the upscale residences above, mostly Mercedes, BMWs, and a few upscale SUVs and sportscars.  The odd shape of a covered car in a dark corner caught my eye.  As I moved closer, it was clear that this was...


The setting sun captured and silhouetted several buildings on the corniche.  I fortunately saw the view as I turned to see the source of the reflection bouncing off the walls.  Thinking back to the moment, it feels as though Life had something to say.  The context and reflections spoke to me of design, purpose, and origins. Each building reflected a unique perspective.  There were five...


I look from the balcony and see a new city centre under construction.  For most of the day, there are trucks and movement all the way to the horizon.  Bridges, streets, and foundation infrastructure are being laid.  It is a mammoth task requiring major capital investment, great designs, and patience.  As impressive as the outcome will likely be, I find myself admiring the designer and...


The setting is not normally conducive to survival, much less growth.  The bonsai stood as a witness to what could happen.  One might think that the odds in life automatically dictate the outcome.  This plant, with support and nurture, defied the odds.  I considered its healthy state and silently said thank you to the individuals who had been faithful caretakers.  Each, in her/his own way, contributed...


The business lunch was a past, present, and future journey shared by three. A decades-old mentor relationship formed the foundation. A relatively new partnership collaboration looked to the future. In the present, we shared stories old and new, aspirations, and dreams.  As the new individual in the equation, there was an invitation to walk through the past with a sense that our...


I have come to appreciate the advantages of time and experience. With each step, one builds a knowledge base. This foundation is useful to oneself and to others in proportion to one’s awareness and willingness to learn. As one grows, there is an opportunity to use this as a gift, freely given and, in giving, letting go. The mentors in my...

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My final memory from level 28 was the view looking out towards Al Maryah Island and the edges of Al Reem Island. It is easy to see the edges of what each was originally: sandy islands with shorelines that gently faded into the shallow coastal waters. Two decades ago, the local leadership had a dream. Two years ago, they announced that...