In every moment
is a Whisper.
Welcome to one
man’s quest
to listen

Hi, my name is Bill. I love stories!

Hearing and sharing stories are a big part of living and growing. I hope my stories will help you discover and hear more of your own stories. Feel free to share and be part of the quest to discover and hear the Whispers in the moments we have.

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Latest Thoughts


I was late.  There was work waiting, words crying to be laid out on paper, and I needed a coffee.  When I came to the kitchen, the staff were cleaning the coffee machines.  A look of desperation was painted on my face and body. “Is there any chance of getting a cup of coffee?”   One look, a gentle pause, then “Yes, there is.” She...

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I sat on a high table, writing, editing, and making calls.  The end of my table was well-lit, clean, and unusually, had convenient power plugs in the centre.  It had everything I needed, including a service window right in front.  The “but” is that in the hours I worked, I never saw anyone in the window.   Many, including myself, hear a call to service.  There...

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Alert, Ready

I know summer is on the way.  The cool misty mornings of winter have given way to sunny still mornings that start at 27C (84F).  Everything points to hot summer days where one is happy if the heat only gets to 45C (113F).  Being alert and ready is a challenge that most will solve by staying indoors. For many, staying indoors is not an...


I know a crosswalk is safe, especially in the Emirates.  I also know that a crosswalk’s safe designation depends on the respect everyone gives to it.  With one person’s action, intentional or inadvertent, what could be safe is not.  As I stopped, first looking in all directions for those who may not be paying attention, before crossing on the green walk, I found myself...

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The top of the stairway was a decision point.  Did I want to follow the path?  Was I confident that this would take me to my desired destination?  What did I want to do next? As a new day dawns, the questions are more relevant and pressing.  The day ahead is a blank canvas.  I have appointments and to-do items in my diary for today.  Each is...

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Wisdom Seats

Just outside of the door to the shop that I go to for dried fruits, nuts, and local chocolate, are two chairs.  There are no signs marking that they are reserved.  They are not secured in any way.  Everyone knows they are not there for the public.  Occasionally, I find one or two individuals sitting in them, observing all that is around them without a...

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I love the passage of spring.  Even in an area dominated by sand, there are blooms in the grasses, house plants, and trees lining the streets.  As I walked by a familiar path lined with a grass variety, I was trapped by the sight of the bloom caught in the reflective light and wind.  I sat, watching, reflecting for a time, letting Life’s whispers...

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In preparation to be on my own for a couple of weeks, I ended up in the fruit and vegetable market in Al Mina.  I always enjoy my excursions, and this one was both fun and insightful.  As I considered peppers and chilis, I realised that in addition to colours, taste, and heat, I also had the country of origin.  Emirati, Egyptian, and Jordan...


I stood silently as the wind pushed the fountain’s water.  Just like the waves in a storm, my light of sight blurred in the distance.  Life’s events and the memories that are lost over time were illustrated this afternoon.  In today’s sunrise, the wind coming off the sea is creating a reflection of ripples across the soul of the city.   Then and now, I...

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