In every moment
is a Whisper.
Welcome to one
man’s quest
to listen

Hi, my name is Bill. I love stories!

Hearing and sharing stories are a big part of living and growing. I hope my stories will help you discover and hear more of your own stories. Feel free to share and be part of the quest to discover and hear the Whispers in the moments we have.

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Latest Thoughts


The black bump on the stone wall I walked was a curiosity.  What was it?  Why was it there?  Did it have a purpose or was it simply random?  The questions went unanswered until the day I stopped and examined them from different vantage points.   The discovery of the answer triggered a surprising wave of emotions.  I have a fear of heights.  For me, when I am...

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Summer in the sand has lasted far beyond its welcome.  It seemed tolerable a few months ago.  My time away created a fresh realisation of how humidity and heat can work together to overwhelm and oppress everyone within their reach.  As I consider the day ahead with the comforting defence of air conditioning, I find myself reflecting on the oppressors that always seem to...


Separation can occur in many ways.  Physical distance, emotional valleys, and death are distinct markers, yet there are many other ways of being separated in between and beyond.  I have come to appreciate the fragile bonds that connect my heart with another’s.  There is a frailness that one must guard at all costs. I think of the joy, connectedness, and bond between the characters...

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I remember my first experience of feeling empty and alone in a crowd.  It was a Saturday night on Singapore’s east coast.  In a gathering of high school students, enjoying the journey of coming to age, I stood on the edge of the crowd and remarked to a friend standing by, “I feel totally alone.”  The feeling of emptiness was overwhelming. The feeling repeats,...

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I understood I was in the presence of a master artesian.  The introduction by a friend was understated and humble.  If one just listened to the words, one might conclude that this was a casual friend.  As I reflect, I think this was the greatest compliment.  “Let me introduce two good friends to each other.” My memories are dominated by his eyes, voice, and heart...

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Medieval castles are, for me, living metaphors of a different time.  As I look through the lens of today, I see all-in wagers of one’s life to causes and purpose.  While the cause is not always nobly related, or even if it seemed to be at the time, the scene I imagine starts with all-in bets.  Lives are sacrificed for a cause.  Years and decades...


There are days when the battle within dominates.  I know the struggle between good and evil.  I feel pulled between self and community.  As much as I long for kindness, I find myself bearing witness to actions that are anything but.  It is a battle being waged across many fronts.  One front is within my heart and mind.  I want to believe good is winning, yet fears,...

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I look out over the emerging city centre for Al Reem Island, designer carvings in the sand that will soon become concrete and steel structures.  The transformation seems like chaos at first.  As time passed, the early signs of the designer's intent became more visible.  As I think of other transformations and the results of the designer’s vision, I think of the interior of...

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Designer Lines

I stood in front of the show window and considered the words along with the images within and without.  The beauty captured in the original creations by the designer had not been diminished by time or wear.  Coco Chanel did have a point, “Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.”  I would add an “old one.”  Elegance begins within and is amplified...