In every moment
is a Whisper.
Welcome to one
man’s quest
to listen

Hi, my name is Bill. I love stories!

Hearing and sharing stories are a big part of living and growing. I hope my stories will help you discover and hear more of your own stories. Feel free to share and be part of the quest to discover and hear the Whispers in the moments we have.

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Latest Thoughts


The building came with at least eight names etched on its façade.  Except for its labels, the stately building reminded me of others across Europe and the United Kingdom.  As I reflected, I found myself wondering about the labels and branding others see on me.  I know I wear some by choice.  There will be others, visible as they reflect my words and deeds. Understanding...

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Mirror Self

The mirror silhouettes in the storefront triggered an immediate discussion within me.  From what I was willing to see, to the consistency (or lack of), to the statement my life is making, everything was on the table!  I do not think my head cold helped.  My running nose, blocked ears, and raspy throat contributed to an overall sense of tiredness and lethargy.  Whatever the combination,...

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Artwork, especially art that reminds me of a potential self-portrait, is thought-provoking.  As I walked through a European city’s streets recently, the artwork on the side of a building exemplified what I imagined drawing if I was painting my portrait.  It captures the externals while reflecting the characters and noise within that make me who and what I am.   As I reflect on...

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The visual image from my walk past the Royal Theatre lingers.  I could feel a sense of arbitrariness, of being forced within the way the building was lit.  It was as if someone had made a choice, and consequently, I was having to live with the outcome of a decision I had no control or influence over. With the day ahead still to...


The small venue was known for its brunch dishes.  On the day I chose to indulge, I found myself staring at the plate, listening to the health-conscious voices from my younger days.  Semi-cooked eggs, cheese, salad dressing, coffee, and a waffle. Was there anything more I wanted to add to the plate to make my meal unhealthier? I look back at the experience with...


In the build-up to a major sporting event, I found myself texting with others I knew would be watching.  Amid the fun trash-talk and insight-sharing, one reminder message stood out.   “Gotta remind myself, it’s only a game!” In that moment, I caught myself smiling.  Yes, it is only a game.  It is also a restaurant.  It could be a dramatic moment.  There was a common thread...


As I walked towards dinner on a small pedestrian street in a European city, one neon sign stood out.  I stopped, wondering how an Irish pub could be connected to a disco bar. My first thought was that there were two establishments.  The entrance below the sign suggested otherwise.  From every visible indicator, this was a single establishment offering three distinct propositions.  An Irish Pub...

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The bakery display caught my eye.  In my mind’s eye, I was enjoying a fresh raisin scone with a hot drink.  This one was especially good since it was fresh, light, and begging to be dunked.  As a matter of priority, I also had a hot black coffee just waiting to be used.  It was a dream worthy of indulgence. Even as my imagination began...


I had an opportunity to formally worship Divinity recently.  I did not have any affiliation with the community, the languages they speak, or the faith system represented.  The thread that bound us together was a shared desire to be in the presence of Divinity.   I look back and find myself reliving the sense of peace, smell of incense, Gregorian chants, and soaring organ...

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