About Us

Bill AshlockWhispers are written and shared by Bill Ashlock. He discovered that Life is a great teacher, providing insights that educate, guide, and nurture. These messages are an ongoing series of life studies. They are intended to be fresh, relevant, and accessible on a daily basis. Bill accepts full responsibility for any confusion that may come. Anything good comes from the daily conversation is a result of a patient, loving, and grace filled God who embraces all equally. Bill’s hope is that by listening you will hear more of Life’s whispers on your walk.
Place of Birth: Pune, India
City: Singapore, New York, San Francisco, and interesting places around the world
Restaurants sekiji – Tokyo, hawker stand – Singapore, Li Mui – New York (closed), Sachi – Redlands, CA
Exercise: Biking, Squash
Restful Time: Enjoying a long ride on the bike
Stress Reduction: Sauna and steam
Spiritual Discipline: Meditation and listening to God
Classic: Gordon Keeble
Vacation, Spot: Northern California, India, Hokkaido, or any quiet beach