Whispers are written and shared by Bill Ashlock. Bill discovered Life as his greatest teacher, providing insights that educate, guide, and nurture. These messages are an ongoing series of life studies. They are intended to be fresh, relevant, and accessible on a daily basis. Bill accepts full responsibility for any confusion that may come. Anything good comes from the daily conversation is a result of a patient, loving, and grace filled God who embraces all equally. Bill’s hope is that by listening you will hear more of Life’s whispers on your walk.
Origins:                                                    Pune and Bangalore India
City: Singapore, New York, San Francisco, Dubai…the list is increasingly endless
Meals: Breaking bread with friends is a gateway to the heart of living
Exercise: Squash and Cardio workouts
Rest: Enjoying a long ride on any kind of motorcycle
Un-Stress: Finnish Sauna and Japanese hot springs
Insight: Meditation and listening to God