Daily Thoughts

“Divinity is patient beyond any individual’s imagination. Divinity speaks loudest in the ordinary, often ignored events of our lives. We often think we know better than anyone else does, including who or whatever we know as Divine.

Divinity reached out once and I ignored him. Divinity asked again and I responded feebly for a few days. Divinity came in the middle of a fresh conversion, waiting quietly for me to hear his call. The events that happened next surprised everyone, especially me. What began as a short-term effort of sharing God’s message each day to a friend grew as Divinity touched our heart of hearts and began to show me how She was working to teach me each day.

These messages are an ongoing series of life studies. They are intented to be fresh, relevant, and accessible to each on a daily basis. I take full responsibility for any confusion that may come as a result. Anything good comes from this daily conversation is a result of a patient, loving, and grace filled Supreme Being who has chosen each of us to be a special friend.

I hope and pray you will listen more intensely to Divinity’s voice. She will touch you like the Mother of Ages and love you as the Father of all fathers.”

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