As I explore communities, the number of specialized educational institutions seems to be increasing.  The days of adults going to the local college or university for additional educational classes are gone.  Tailored seminars, specialized education modules, web based learning, interactive modules, and self-help books are just the beginning of the options available today.  High schools are continually changing to reflect the changing demands of their students, potential job prospects, and to find a competitive advantage.  The alternatives for personal development and growth extend from birth to grave. 
I am not sure ever student is well served by the options available.  One of the schools I attended was a two-classroom school with a library in the middle.  Another middle and high school combination had fifty students.  Obviously, in both cases diversity, course options, and specialized training suffered.  Yet, in their way, both had advantages that are not readily available to today's student and the individual willing to learn.
Specialization was not an option; one had to learn and explore a broad range of subjects.
Only interacting with others that shared your goals and interest was not an option.  One had to learn how to get along with individuals that had different interests, experiences, and goals.
There was an incredible opportunity to excel at a wide range of disciplines.  Perhaps you were not the brightest student, yet you could mentor and teach.  Even though the curriculum appears simple in hindsight, I find myself treasuring the experience that introduced me to a holistic way of thinking, learning, and growing.
Every generation thinks that her or his school was or is the best.  In the past, “Moses was educated in the best schools in Egypt.  He was equally impressive as a thinker and an athlete.” (Acts 7.22)  Yet, Moses went on to discover that there is more to learning than what was found in school. 
We live in diverse communities.  Each presents unique opportunities for growth.  Today we can explore the lessons the Spirit gives us.  We can interact with those we are walking with along on our path. read more

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