The recent change in a big tech’s software data policy has been the most visible catalyst for individuals to start talking again about personal privacy.  This is, for me at least, an old subject.  In the past the level of invasiveness was potentially acceptable; the new reality has me questioning my continued use of several apps which have dominated my life for many years.

One of the challenges with the renewed awareness is the complexity we find ourselves in.  It is hard to know, even if you want to, how much data you are sharing by using any mobile or desktop application.  When the provider is open about how invasive the app will be, often as not, I go looking for another.  Equally, when privacy is protected, I am a willing and vocal loyal customer.

As more and more friends show up on alternative apps, I find myself reflecting on my awareness across business relationships, friendships, and traditional truths.

Do I understand what each does and does not do?

Am I comfortable with this proposition?

If I am uncomfortable, will I walk or reluctantly stay involved?

The policy change has highlighted how complex fine print may not be that hard to understand.  A few questions can be put on the table and answered with simple clarity or the “answer” is easily inferred.  I rarely like the outcome of the latter.

It is good to examine one’s acceptance of the other, even on closely held relationships.  I am reminded of a promise where Divinity “guards you when you leave and when you return, he guards you now, he guards you always.” (Psalm 121.8).

The three questions replay in context and I find myself looking for answers.  As with all great questions in life, the real answers always come from one’s heart.  As much as I often take it for granted, embracing the questions, seeking answers, opens new doors to much more.

Being aware does not need to be a headache.  In seeing with an open heart and mind, I open myself up to relationship, learning, and confidence.

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