As I look out from my desk, the reflections from two small lakes contrast with the villas, palms, and san in the distance.  With one, there is a pedestrian walkway around the lake.  At dawn, the only occupants are a few birds chasing for food where the grasp meets asphalt.  With the coming sunrise, there is a natural slow build up of people walking with a few wheelchairs mixing themselves in.  From a distance, I have yet to pick up a pattern of the walkers.  I have not found any identifiable individuals who repeat at semi-fixed times each day.

I suspect there are far more patterns than I realize.  Experience reminds me that everyone holds onto habits and routines.  In addition to being comforting and reassuring, I find they provide order and reaffirm my commitment to discipline.  A morning walk is, for many if not all, a choice.

When I consider the many choices in my life, I am confronted by the reality that I do not always make safe, guarded choices.  I realize what is safe for me may be different than what you consider safe for you.  For some, mountain biking, skiing, and adventure sports are in the realm of safe choices.  For others, these choices represent unacceptable risks.  The observation is a simple one; just because something is there, does not mean I will choose to act or embrace the choice.

As I think about choices I make, I see areas of where my choice is difference from others.  I ride a motorcycle, while others do not.  I always wear a helmet, riding jacket with protection which usually includes gloves, riding pants, and shoes.  It is a routine I choose to embrace because I want to protect myself from harm.

There are ways to stay safe.  Adapting good riding disciplines is one of them but I see many riders are the road who did not make the same choices.

An old writer reminds me that “God guards you from every evil, he guards your very life.” (Psalm 121.7). Accepting protection is a choice.

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