I was recently welcome to a new community with a ceremony, handshake, and meal together.  While I knew many of the individuals in the community before I joined, I was not completely clear on the group’s purpose and vision.  I find myself reflecting on my introduction.  The words and manner in which I was welcome by the members of the community left me with reminders that are now tagged in my memories.

Being different should not lead one to conclude that one will, in the greater story, be rejected.  There may be times where we are accused while being ourselves.  In these moments, the bias and ignorance of others should not be confused with truth.  While it can be distracting, our attention is called to the quest of being better and more.  As others highlighted the imperfections and differences, I could hear the echo of the psalmist words; “The godless spread lies about me, but I focus my attention on what you are saying;” (Psalm 119.69)

Our value follows from when and where we contribute.  It is not in our uniformity that we make the greatest difference.  While it is always helpful when we carry our load as part of the team, in situations where our unique shape, abilities, and willingness to fit, work, and stand the test of time our value can be seen by doubters and believers alike.

It just takes one to accept the irregular.  As I watch a situation unfold, thinking that my views and insights do not matter, I will recall that it just took one to see what others could not, would not see.  Some did not have the insight or wisdom.  With others, doubt will remain.  This is not our calling.  We are called to see the wonder, beauty, and possibilities in others, no matter how irregular.

I came in with doubts, feeling unsure.  I left knowing I am part of a community who embrace me for whom and what I am.  They see what I often miss; my seat of value and my ability to be the difference.

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