There is a momentary force dominating many parts of life.  It is as all forward momentum is being challenged.  With the start-up, key person dependency has been highlighted by CVOID’s evil touch.  Along with the impact to those close to my heart, it is the difficulty of picking up conversations, reflective thinking, and deciding what comes next.  The blockade is not just on this front; tendons rebelling in both shoulders quietly rob me of a good night of rest and time in the gym.  Others one traditionally relies on are consumed by the need to deal with the day’s crisis-du-jour.

In the touch of each manifestation of this force, I am challenged to take a decision on what I will do next.  It was obvious to me that there were no answers within.  If I had found them, I am not sure how I would react to the challenge at hand.  I am comforted by the reality old writings replay themselves in my mind, guiding the direction of my quest; “I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains?” (Psalm 121.1)

There is a natural inclination within to identify the cause (blame game rising again) or go on a quest where someone solves the problem for you.  Even as the sense of being overwhelmed began to consume me, I could hear Life whispering from within.  In each step and every decision lies the affirmation of the principles which determine the destination.

How you and I respond is uniquely personal, but there are threads which unite us.

We do not live alone; we are individuals defined by our community.

Our need to survive may seem all consuming; equally, we carry a need to be in relationship with others.

In letting others into our life as well as gifting ourselves to others, we live fully and completely.

The momentary barriers dominating morphed into opportunity to engage, share, and listen.  My uncertain next went from murky to clear with the realization that Divinity is often best seen in the dialogue and actions found in our relationships.

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