I do not need to look at graphs and stats from my fitness band to tell me how I feel.  I am reluctant to digest the headlines of how evil is playing out in the world around me to inform my soul on how it should be reacting.  It is far easier to use four letter words to describe my energy level, emotional reserves, and the dark clouds inside and out than it is to find and embrace possibilities, opportunities, and a anything-can-be state of mind.

As I looked out on the recent F1 race, I could see a visual contrast between hope and despair, possibilities and barriers, light and darkness.  There was no question that those in and at the race were going to get dumped on!  Within minutes my view would be consumed by the same storm, wind lashing the windows, visibility down to nothing except the rain right in front of me.

From the safety within, I found myself in the lead character’s role in the script right out of a psalm; “I’m in trouble. I cry to God, desperate for an answer.”

The voice that answered had many different forms.

In time, the sun trumped the storm and the cycle of renewed possibilities was visible in the sights and sounds of nature.  Birds regained their voice and flight and flowers pointed themselves towards the sun with the anticipation of a new cycle of blossom and rebirth.

To my surprise, the unconditional smile of acceptance of hope welcomed me to a new work day.  A colleague offering to help when it was not required or easy.  Their courage in the face of possible criticism infused me with the energy to take on the battles of the day.

The gift of laughter from the child of friend restored my ability to see what life is like with one’s realizes they are accepted, loved, and protected.  It was the laughter in the eyes, the wonderful anticipation of more to come took me to a place where I am forgiven, loved, and cherished.

Hope is alive.

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