It was an intense night of dreams.  There were no demons at play.  Instead of a dark nightmare, I was hard at work!  The ideas embedded in Orora were in full bloom.  Intense dialogue which morphed into passionate and committed action.  Every piece was leading to a shared belief in our cause.  It was an amazing night of sleep.

I woke to a warning that we must be patient in letting things improve gradually.  Words like discipline and common sense took me back to a place where yesterday’s answers were the only foundation we could build on.

I do not know how you see our recent past.  Was it a time of relaxation and recovery?  In my case, it was anything but!  I have worked, struggled, and pushed to get beyond the crisis of the day.  At times it feels as if life has overwhelmed even the strongest among us.  We have been in life’s oven without a shield, leaving me feel burned and scared.

Last night I was reminded of how powerful hope can be.  When I saw others joining the cause, it was as if life’s architect’s designs were “shielding [me and] you from sunstroke, sheltering you from moonstroke.” (Psalm 121.6)

My question is direct and often uncomfortable.  What fact do you or I need to know with our hearts that changes everything?  For me, one turning point was the harsh reality of 47% plus youth unemployment in a community.  I can, and will, try with all everything within me to change this reality!  We, as brothers and sisters of each community, have a responsibility to others, especially our parents and children.  If nothing is done now, where is future’s hope?

As intense as last night was, I woke up with renewed commitment, refreshed hope, and a soul filled with energy.  I believe.  I am convicted.  We can and will be the difference for our generation.

As deep oranges and dark blues gave way to gold and a new day, a dream takes its rightful place in one heart.  It is a just cause.

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